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fellow bun

Hot cross bun

How do you like your buns?


How much fruit do you like?


How do you feel about citrus?


How much spice?


It's a match.

It all started with a love for fluffy gluten and a firm believe in our entitlement to be opinionated.

Here at Takt studio, we’re all about excellence in design and excellence in hot cross buns. Living in Melbourne, we clearly live for a good food fad. Especially one that involves driving to all corners of the city in peak hour traffic to get them before they sell out.

Back in 2016 we had the idea to create a comprehensive Hot Cross Bun review site to match you with your ideal bun - and here we are launching the new edition of Bunfight for the fourth year in a row.

How it works

Over the years we have developed a well-tested tasting procedure. Buns will always be purchased and eaten on the same day to appreciate the bun at peak freshness. Buns are tasted both toasted and untoasted, with a generous helping of butter.

Warning: Extensive testing can lead to sugar-induced, hyperactive phases in which you annoy your co-workers, as well as early stages of diabetes.


Slice. Eat. Ponder your tastebuds’ experience. Make plenty of notes on our custom bun review chart. Cleanse palette with sparkling water between tasting.


Preheat the sandwich press. Slice hot cross buns in half and toast till lightly golden. Slather with real butter and wait until melted and soaked into bun. Taste immediately. Follow the Untoasted procedure steps.


  • Fluff: Is the feeling in your mouth equivalent to walking on Nike Air Max? If yes, then you’ve found a high-fluff bun. At the other end of the scale you find the dense and chewy variety - the buns that eat like a meal. The fluff factor is the base and starting point of all bun tasting.
  • Fruitiness: Often goes hand-in-hand with overall sweetness: Size, amount and distribution of fruit pieces as well as use of different dried fruits will heavily impact this aspect.
  • Citrusyness: Not to be confused with Fruitiness. Reminiscent of a summer day, with hints of tart and juicy flavours, these buns come with a decent dose of acidity. Some buns have their citrus blended through the dough, and others are studded with generous (and polarising) chunks of peel.
  • Spiciness: Usually a festive mix of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, coriander seeds and nutmeg. These are the notes that will linger in your mouth and make you dream of buttery Hot Cross Buns at night.

Bunfight Crew

  • TAIT

    Tait (or 'Butters' as he's better known for his excessive use of butter) loves a bun that pushes boundaries. While a traditional style will never be turned away, he longs for a heavier, rich, fruity companion for his morning coffee.


    Laura has never had a Hot Cross Bun until the beginning of the Bunfight and threw herself into the tasting with great enthusiasm. With a passionate dislike for sugary icing and cinnamon, she favours a fluffy, brioche-like Bun with a delicate, well-balanced sweetness and only a hint of spice.


    Annika has been a hot cross bun fan since childhood, and loves all the flavours turned up to 11 - maximum fruit and spice, with a citrusy zing. She hates large chunks of peel.


    Coding brain and responsible for the site’s flawless performance. Funny enough, he doesn’t like Hot Cross Buns but loves bananas. Patiently endures all of our sugar-induced highs and crashes.


    Bridgette is the Bun Fight planner ensuring both the testing process is in check and the hot cross memes don’t get out of control. She has recently discovered a new found respect for Hot X Buns since having a kid and realising she doesn’t need to make vegemite sandwiches for lunch anymore.

About TAKT

When we’re not reviewing buns, we are busy creating strategic design communication solutions for a wide range of clients, from branding and art direction through to print and web development. You can check out our work here.